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 {{::​voidtm.jpg?​200|}} {{::​voidtm.jpg?​200|}}
-===== Improvising Sonics ​=====+===== Explorers of uselessness ​=====
-With the aim of establishing an epistemology of emergence ​and the fuzzy states ​of phenomena ​in pre-emergent states, ​the artists ​base their experimental setup on imaginary solutions and useless hypotheses to create adaptive measurements – among them a constantly fluctuatinguncertain metrum ​that informs a mode of sonic improvisation that emancipates itself from music and instead develops ​ ​mode ​of sonification that is devoid of its technical sterility ​in favor of a non-nostalgicmutated humanism that tries to redefine its space between ecosphere and technosphere.+The collaboration ​of [[thibault_autheman|Thibault Autheman]] ​and [[nemo_von_nirgends|Nemo von Nirgends]] as VoidTM – Explorers ​of Uselessness started ​in late Spring of 2014 when the two artists ​met in London and found that their previous solo works including writing algorithmsworking with body-feedback and accidental radio waves (T.A.) and experimenting with DIY electronics,​ working with found sounds ​and modified electronic devices (N.v.N.) formed ​perfect basis for further studies ​of the possibilities within improvised sound – in part referring to methods ​of ‘Pataphysicsin other instances ​to other fictions with more or less stringent methodologies.
 +===== Documentation =====
-===== Explorers of uselessness ​=====+Writings about the art of non-applied Science 
 +[[documentation#​logic|Logic]] ||  
 +[[documentation#​physics|Physics]] ||  
 +[[documentation#​natural_history|Natural History]] ||  
 +[[documentation#​metaphysics|Metaphysics]] ||  
 +===== Links ===== 
 +[[http://​​|Flux Agency Tumblr]] 
 +[[http://​​|Ivory Bunker]] 
 +[[https://​​voidtm|VoidTM Soundcloud]] 
 +[[http://​​user29993135|VoidTM Video]]
-The collaboration of [[thibault_autheman|Thibault Autheman]] and [[nemo_von_nirgends|Nemo von Nirgends]] as VoidTM – Explorers of Uselessness started in late Spring of 2014 when the two artists met in London and found that their previous solo works including writing algorithms, working with body-feedback and accidental radio waves (T.A.) and experimenting with DIY electronics,​ working with found sounds and modified electronic devices (N.v.N.) formed a perfect basis for further studies of the possibilities within improvised sound – in part referring to methods of ‘Pataphysics,​ in other instances to other fictions with more or less stringent methodologies. 
 ===== Projects ===== ===== Projects =====
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-===== Documentation ===== +
-{{:​installationorganism_copy.jpg?​300|}} +
-{{:​cctvfeedback2_copy.jpg?​300|}} +
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