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Anti Remote Viewing Tapes

Anti Remote Viewing Tapes - Soundcloud

“Anti Remote Viewing Tapes” “VoidTM, the explorers of uselessness, present a fictional insight into ESP Counter-Spionage matters”

Exclusive feature by Void™ for the August 8th 2014 edition of Graham Dunning's Fractal Meat on a Spongy Bone programme on NTS radio.

The broadcast was delayed by the powers that be and so the material was then aired on August 22nd.

Presented are excerpts from tapes developed by the US Department of Defense to disable any Remote Viewing attacks on sensitive locations and governmental agencies during Military operations.

Selected by VoidTM who got hold of copies of tapes for the following operations:

-Operation eagle claw: Attempt to end the Iran hostage crisis by rescuing 52 diplomats held captive at the embassy of the United States 1980. -Operation Golden Pheasant : Emergency deployment of US troops to Honduras in 1988. -Operation Summer Pelt : Antartica covert operation to prevent the Arrival of Azathoth 1969. -Operation Urgent Fury : Invasion of Grenada 1983. -Operation Mandelbrot : Preventing the use of WOLFRAM MATHEMATICA internet application to generate Fractals demons 2005.

All material recorded on Aetherpunk devices over the course of 3 improv sessions.

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