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"Darkness is made of clever storms"

Darkness is made of clever storms on Soundcloud

Live performance at The Invisible Museum Asylum, 27.06.2014 Old Pump-House Museum, Rotherhide London. (This was the first collaborative performance billed as Flux Agency & his Namelessness Is Legion.)

“Darkness is made of clever storms.” Soft Carnage Manifesto. Random output #593

“In search of the heartbeat of darkness the explorers of uselessness, Flux Agency & his Namelessness Is Legion, will be scanning the aether by applying arcane techniques to profane devices… By creating a 100% probability for a capacitative chance meeting on the symbolic dissection table of induction and resistance they generate the necessary feedbacks through the coupling of complex systems - electronic and human.

With their mobile 'Pataphysics-Laboratory, consisting of radio circuitry and synthesis modules, sound generatators and electronic signal modulation units, they will ritualistically traverse the Museums underlying fictional ocean, calling at all ports of pataphysical interest to generate a time/space specific map of the clever storms of the darkness of the night of June 27th 2014.

Soft Carnage Manifesto Announcement on Ivory Bunker Blog

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